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Company history - who we are


WesTec is the business name for WesTec Communications which has been providing technology services since 1997. Initially the company provided computer services to individuals and small businesses in the northwest part of Houston. Seven years ago the company moved to its current address on the North Loop at Highway 290. This location allows it to better serve its current clientele which are located from Huntsville, to West Columbia, to League City, to Katy.

WesTec primarily serves Houston area professional firms and companies that typically have 10 to 100 employees. The firm operates with mobility and agility in providing its clients with the vital business technology they need to run their firms. WesTec follows a regimented strategic outline of service offerings with new clients in order to insure that those clients are able to take advantage of the variety of support programs offered.

In the seven years at the new location, the company has more than doubled the size of its space and the number of employees. Today WesTec provides managed IT services, telephone systems and integrated security services to its clients.

Company Mission Statement

WesTec will be a “turn-key” solution for all of its clients’ business connectivity needs. It will offer efficient and effective solutions, directly and with strategic partners, that create tangible value for its clients at every point of contact. Westec will serve all people and entities with a servant’s heart.

Most IT consultants simply put Band Aid fixes on computer network problems and REACT to problems instead of looking for ways to PREVENT them from happening in the first place.

As with most things in life, prevention really is better than cure – and it’s no surprise to find that prevention is the secret of good IT support too.

The old-style reactive model of network maintenance is a surefire path to extensive downtime, lost data, and excessive spending on IT support, not to mention major disruptions in staff productivity, sales, cash flow, production, and customer service that can never be recovered.