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WesTec’s Guardian Managed Services is watching your network 24/7.


Business owners and managers rather spend their time and money on projects that directly contribute to the growth and profitability of their organization rather than dealing with or fixing computer problems. With the constant changes to technology and daily development of new threats, even a small, 5-user network requires ongoing maintenance from a highly-trained technician. Obviously the cost of hiring a full-time IT person is not feasible, even for companies with 20 to 50 workstations. 

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There are two basic options for most companies to handle their computer maintenance. The first option is the most common. The company designates the most technically-savvy person on staff to be the make-shift IT manager and only bring in outside help when they run into a network crisis they cannot solve. Problem is the company is pulling this person away from the real job it hired them to do, Further compounding the problem, unless they have the time to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in IT support and management, they don’t have the skills or knowledge required to properly support and secure the company’s network.


This inevitably results in a network that is ill-maintained and unstable, which then results in excessive downtime, overspending on IT support, and expensive recovery costs.

The second option is to wait until it breaks! The good old “Break/Fix” solution! If it isn’t broke don’t even think about fixing it! This is really foolish, but it happens every day, where businesses that use their network until it “breaks” and then call in the experts to repair or replace whatever stopped working. This reactive model of network maintenance is a surefire path to extensive downtime, lost data, and excessive spending on IT support, not to mention major disruptions in staff productivity, sales, cash flow, production, and customer service that can never be recovered.


In today’s competitive business world there is a new service called Managed Services, which provides the company with ongoing remote maintenance and support to maximize the performance, reliability, and stability of your network without the costs and overhead of hiring a full-time staff. In many cases overall IT spending is reduced by 30% to 50% and the company realizes improved network’s reliability and performance at the same time. Managed Services eliminates disruptions in staff productivity, sales, cash flow, production and customer service. It fixes it before it breaks!

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 WesTec’s Guardian Managed Services is watching your network 24/7.


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