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Financing solutions for IT equipment & telephone systems in Houston

WesTec provides commercial equipment leasing and financing solutions for businesses of all types.

As part of our technology consulting in Houston, we work with both equipment buyers and vendors to provide an equipment financing solution that meets everyone’s needs.

Our business consultants are available to work with you in planning the purchase of a single piece of equipment or design your system for future growth. They can provide you with a simple business analysis or a full business plan that lays out how the right technology will help your business grow.

Our complete financing package

You may include equipment, software, maintenance, shipping, installation and training in your lease! This allows you to turnkey the entire project into one monthly payment.

Our technology equipment leasing advantages include:

  • Tax advantages
    Depending on the structure of the lease all of the lease payments may be written off as a deduction.
  • Conserve capital
    Retained working capital typically earns American businesses 12% or greater ROI. We can structure a tax lease that allows you to keep your working capital, invest it, make more money and ultimately pay less for your equipment by writing off the payments.
  • Maximize the budget
    Make your budget go three times farther than you thought it could. Get the equipment you need today and the equipment you thought you had to wait until next year to get. Budgeted into a comfortable monthly payment
  • Not reflected on balance sheet
    Standard accounting practices do not require leases to be reflected in your balance sheet as debt. This can make your business more attractive to investors and/or buyers.
  • Enhance utility value
    Allow your equipment to pay for itself instead of paying for it in advance. You are not buying it because it looks good; this equipment is going to make money. Why not let the new kid pay his own way.

If you would like more information about our leasing and financing solutions for Technology equipment, feel free to call us at (713) 682-4000 or send us a message.

Mission: WesTec will be a “turn-key” solution for all of its clients’ business connectivity needs. It will offer efficient and effective solutions, directly and with strategic partners, that create tangible value for its clients at every point of contact. Westec will serve all people and entities with a servant’s heart.

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