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Access Control Systems

How an access control system can work for your business in Houston

Access control systems are the only truly proactive step a user can take to augment the security within a facility. Access Control allows a building owner to have complete control over their Houston based facility, using technology such as ID key entries, finger printing scanners, and video monitoring. Often this information is also used to verify time and attendance. The system will also let you set parameters for visitors and guests that visit your building.

An access control system that is specifically designed to meet your unique requirements and expense budget will prove to be a valuable investment.

Houston building access control

The main question is why should you work with WesTec to purchase your integrated security system? Here are four (4) real benefits of doing business with WesTec:

  • A WesTec system will be designed by experienced personnel. All components will be from reputable manufacturers with the best manufacturers’ warranties available.
  • System programming training is a priority with WesTec. We want to make sure that after installation you will have the knowledge to get the most out of the system.
  • We offer remote monitoring that will give you reports on a predetermined time schedule to insure your investment will operate to its fullest potential when needed.
  • Full service contracts, lease agreements and technical support will be quoted. You will have purchasing options.

WesTec offers a wide variety of access control systems in Houston from leading manufacturers. If you would like to learn more about access control systems in Houston, call (713) 682-4000 or send us a message.

Mission: WesTec will be a “turn-key” solution for all of its clients’ business connectivity needs. It will offer efficient and effective solutions, directly and with strategic partners, that create tangible value for its clients at every point of contact. Westec will serve all people and entities with a servant’s heart.

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