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CCTV security cameras and digital video security systems

Video/Access Security - Houston, Sugar Land, Spring

CCTV security cameras in Houston as well as Video Management Systems (VMS).

Surveillance systems have become commonplace in almost all Houston area businesses. The choices made when choosing any technology can be overwhelming. An integrated security system that is specifically designed to meet your requirements and budget will prove to be a valuable investment. It will provide intelligence on how to run a successful company as well as resolve questionable or unlawful activity.

The main question is why should you work with WesTec to purchase your integrated security system? Here are four (4) real benefits of doing business with WesTec:

  • A WesTec system will be designed by experienced personnel. All components will be from reputable manufacturers with the best manufacturers' warranties available.
  • System programming training is a priority so after installation you will have the knowledge to get the most out of the system.
  • We offer remote monitoring and will send reports on a predetermined time schedule to insure your investment will operate to its fullest potential when needed.
  • Full service contracts, lease agreements and technical support will be quoted. You will have purchasing options.

We can design a system to meet your business requirements and budget. Camera location and design is the first objective. Camera considerations are based on environment and if the camera is meant to be a deterrent, covert, or artistically pleasing. The camera signal can be transmitted in a variety of methods. The second most important piece is the recording. Your investment will be rewarded when a questionable activity takes place and the system produces a clear identifiable picture or if there is a reduction in unwanted activity just because a camera was installed.

CCTV or IP : Which is best for your business in Houston?

WesTec offers a wide variety of Video Surveillance / Security Camera Solutions from basic DVRs to advanced network based systems with intelligent features and megapixel cameras. That's why, at WesTec, we work with you to determine the best in class system to meet your budget saving you time, money and frustration. If you would like to learn more about digital video security systems in Houston, call us at (713) 682-4000 or fill in the form below.

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