Broadband & Phone Lines

For Houston telecom services, WesTec Services is the company to call.

Telecommunications and computers are inseparable today – neither can operate without the other.

  • Computers require telephone lines and broadband for email, internet access and remote working
  • Telephone systems are now just computers running across exactly the same network as your computers

But connecting the dots with different technologies is confusing, time consuming and costly

That’s because making all the different technologies work together requires specialist IT support skills in computer networking and telecommunications. That’s where WesTec comes in.

We will act as a one-stop-source for all of your IT including the following Houston telecom services:

  • High performance business broadband services
  • Analog telephone lines
  • Digital telephone lines at lower monthly rentals
  • Telephone calls packages to reduce your monthly bills
  • Leased lines for volume requirements

But more importantly we will act as your IT support department taking responsibility for making all your technology, including broadband and telephone services, work seamlessly together.

To discuss Houston telecom services and your requirements without cost or obligation please call Ben Schissler at (713) 682-4000 or send us a message.