Video Surveillance in Action

See how Houston CCTV security systems can work for you.

Observe safety conditions for employees and monitor day to day workflow/productivity.

  • If you have employees working in a large area, it is important to keep them safe. Having CCTV security cameras allows you to monitor those conditions and also keep records of accidents/ work flow.
  • Worker’s compensation rates are directly affected by employee accidents. An integrated security system can help keep your accident rate down. When there is an accident claim you can verify what happen by looking at the video record. Reduce your accident rate and lower your insurance costs at the same time.

Fork Lift Foul Play

Driveway Shopping Carts

Protection and prevention of theft can be covered by CCTV Security Systems

  • Exposed CCTV security cameras establish a presence of security to thieves and trespassers. CCTV systems offer video evidence for insurance and for the police.
  • Employees, visitors and potential thieves need to know you are watching your premises. A well installed integrated security system sends the message. Stop illegal activity before it happens and impress your visitors that your company takes care of its property.
  • If an incident occurs then you have a real-time record of what happened. This makes the case easier for the authorities to solve. It also can reduce your insurance costs by proving to your insurance company that your company is proactive in protecting its property.

Building Burglary

Vehicle Break-In

Video surveillance can work for you! If you have concerns about work safety, process control, vandalism or theft then video surveillance can help you. Call us today at (713) 682 - 4000 or send us a message and let us show you how we can put it to work at your business in less than 10 days.