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Backup Disaster & Recovery

Don’t let disaster or mechanical failure put you out of business

Imagine walking into your office tomorrow only to discover that a virus, system failure, human error, or natural disaster had erased every file on your computer. How confident are you that your data could be restored?

If you are not backing up all the critical data on your network – or if you are, but have never tested your backups by performing a full system restore – you are at high risk of losing irreplaceable company files and information.

We recommend backing up every night and performing a full system restore once a month to ensure your backup system is working. It’s not uncommon for backup files to become corrupt and useless, and you certainly don’t want to wait for a crisis situation to find out the network backup and recovery system you had in place was not working.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions - Houston, Sugar Land, Spring

Scary but true facts about data backup

  • The average failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100% – ALL DRIVES WILL EVENTUALLY FAIL.
  • Only 34% of companies test their tape backups and, of those who do, 77% have found failures
  • The Government reports that over 75% of businesses that have a major data loss go out of business within 18 months.
  • Over 50% of critical corporate data resides on unprotected PC desktops and laptops.

Key causes for data loss are:

  • 78% hardware or system malfunction
  • 11% human error
  • 7% software corruption or program malfunction
  • 2% computer viruses
  • 1% natural disasters
  • 1% other

Do you backup your files?

  • Only 25% of users frequently back up their files, yet 85% of those same users say they are very concerned about losing important digital data.
  • More than 22% said backing up was on their to-do list, but they seldom do it.
  • 1 in 25 notebooks are stolen, broken or destroyed each year.
  • Today’s hard drives store 500 times the data stored on the drives of a decade ago. This increased capacity amplifies the impact of data loss.
  • You have a 30% chance of having a corrupted file within a one-year time frame.

Free Report

What Every Small Business Owner Must Know
About Protecting And Preserving Their Company’s
Critical Data And Computer Systems

If you depend on your computer network to run your business, this is one report you DON’T want to overlook!

This report, provided by our IT consultants in Houston, will outline in plain, non-technical English common mistakes that many business owners make with their computer network that cost them thousands in lost sales, productivity, and computer repair bills, as well as providing an easy, proven way to reduce or completely eliminate the financial expense and frustration of these oversights.

You’ll discover: The 3 critical checks for your data backup.

  • The single most expensive mistake most small business owners make when it comes to protecting their company data.
  • 6 critical security measures every small business should have in place.
  • How to greatly reduce – or even completely eliminate – frustrating crashes, slow performance, and other annoying computer problems.

Contact us and we will email you your report. If you’re interested in data backup and recovery services provided by our IT Consultants in Houston, mention it when contacting us.

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