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How to Protect Your Business Computers from Viruses

How to Protect Your Business Computers from Viruses

Technology has changed the way people do business. In 2019, technology is one of the biggest assets a business owner has to rely on. Though technology can expedite business processes and increase productivity, it can also pose a threat to its users in the form of viruses. Viruses can cause slow performance, total system crash, and even data loss. These issues can compromise confidential information and halt productivity. Here are a few ways you can protect your business from viruses:  

Purchase Anti-Virus Software and Update it Frequently

Utilizing anti-virus software is one of the most basic ways to prevent your system from becoming infected. Most computers come with a one-year software subscription, but leave you unprotected once your subscription has expired. Paying a yearly subscription may seem like a hassle, but you may be paying the ultimate price if you remain unprotected.  

Update Your Operating System

Operating systems require updates on a regular basis. These updates typically contain security software patches that will bridge the gap where your system’s security is lacking. Don’t allow a virus to slip through the cracks!  

Perform Regular Data Backups

In the event that your computer does become infected with a virus, you are at risk of losing important data. This is why you should routinely perform data backups. Securing your data on an external hard drive or other archive will ensure you never fall victim to unexpected data loss as the result of a virus.  

Avoid Downloading Unsolicited Files

It is not uncommon for a system to become infected due to human error, so you should be aware of what files you are downloading and viewing. Viruses often come in the form of spam emails that contain infected files. Therefore, it is crucial that you avoid downloading unsolicited files, especially if you do not recognize the sender.  

Secure Your Wi-Fi

Unprotected wireless networks are the easiest platforms through which to access data and files. Therefore, to prevent your system from being hacked, you should secure your wireless internet. Password-protected networks prevent external access and ensure your information remains confidential. WesTec Services offers a variety of IT services, such as IT Consulting and Managed Services to ensure your company never falls victim to system failure due to infection. Our IT professionals strive to provide you relief from the challenges of day-to-day IT functions, so you can focus on your business objectives. To learn more about our IT services, contact us today.

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