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Passwordless Authentication: Internet Security

Passwordless Authentication: Internet Security


 In recent years cybersecurity has been a recurring topic in the world of   technology. People are often finding ways of creating a safer way of   using  technology such as passwordless authentication. This modern way   of controlling certain accounts is safer and more effective than previous   passwords. Organizations can make this transition with these steps.


Password Replacement 

When deciding to move towards passwordless authentication, you must have an option in place. Taking away passwords with no replacement leaves a hole in the system that is unprotected. One option that can be used is an active directory. This includes strong, hardware protected credentials that allow a single sign on. 


Risk Assessment

Creating a stronger protective measure such as passwords, requires some trial and error. Having an assessment will allow you to view the possibilities of certain methods to determine what is best for you. This also takes into consideration the possibility of a breach or any harm to the system. You could also use the assessment as a way to prioritize any specific items. 


Password Usage

It’s no surprise that people have gotten so used to typing their password every time they enter a service or device. In order to correctly transition into having no passwords, this barrier must be removed. A password shouldn’t have to be used routinely and this creates a seamless transition to multiple devices. 


Eliminating Passwords 

Once all the previous steps are completed, you can start to make the transition. The removal of passwords from the identity database will truly create the new authentication. This step is the most important and must be done when everything else has been in place. Once this is done, you are not at risk for password theft and create a modern way of passwords. 

Technology is always changing to become more modernized and protective. It can be hard to keep up with all these changes, but we can help! Feel free to  Give us a call today or visit our website to see what WesTec can do for you.

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