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The Importance of Password Variety

Archive for February 23, 2024

The Importance of Password Variety

A strong password is the key to protecting your business’ information. However, it is also important to not use the same password for everything in an organization. If one password is guessed, that could allow access to an entire system.

An easy way to have password variety is to have different passwords for different programs or systems. Each computer should have a different password, and the more sensitive the information is, the more complex the password should be. Using common words is also a sign of a weak password and should be avoided.

It is important to not leave passwords on notes in an office where they are easily accessible. If passwords are difficult to remember, consider saving them to a computer browser but keeping the password to the computer hidden. Additionally, using the strong password that a browser or other program recommends may be a good option. A password manager is also a very helpful tool that stores passwords with the input of a primary password. However, in using a password manager, be sure that the primary password is also strong.

If using a password manager is not an option and remembering a password is an issue, consider using abbreviations for something memorable. Replacing letters with numbers or special characters in a common phrase is an easy way to have a complex yet memorable password.

A good password is usually within 8-12 characters and has plenty of special characters such as a hashtag, question mark, or an exclamation point. A complex password is the safest because hackers generally cycle through simple words to gain access to a system.

All in all, having password variety is a great practice to protect your business’ important data.

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