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The Importance of Regularly Backing Up Data

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The Importance of Regularly Backing Up Data

Backing up data is important for every business. About 30% of businesses have lost data in the past five years due to an outage. Making sure data is backed up properly and often is crucial for a business’s continued success and seamless operation.

Many businesses report that backing up data is “on their to-do list,” but seldom actually follow through. Backing up data is not something that a business should procrastinate on, especially since today’s hard drives store 500 times the amount of data than hard drives did a decade ago. Losing an immense amount of data can be devastating for a business and may take time to fully recover from.

Backing up data is important, but how often does it need to be done? WesTec recommends backing up data every night and performing a full system restore once a month to ensure a backup system is working.

Many computers have this feature built-in and can be set to automatically backup files at a certain time every day. An optimal time for this may be at the end of the work day when computers are still on and can go into sleep mode when the data backup is complete. If backups are done every night, it is very easy to spot when files become corrupted because it will be front and center the next morning.

A large portion of the time, data loss occurs from a hard drive or software malfunction. While malfunctions are not preventable, and all drives will eventually fail at some point, being prepared by having backup data stored is essential. Data loss can mean loss of business, time, and money.

WesTec offers a free report for small business owners on the health of their network. We will outline three critical checks: the most expensive mistake small business owners often make, six critical security measures, and how to greatly reduce computer crashes. Our IT consultants will offer free advice in this simple report.

Additionally, WesTec offers stress-free data backup and disaster recovery solutions. We will be the liaison between any technology vendors that may be required, taking all of the frustrating communication out of the picture. We offer a variety of data backup solutions. Contact us today and our IT consultants will gladly help find the option that works best for your business.

The world of IT is evolving at an unprecedented pace and being driven by the rise of emerging technologies. Businesses that embrace these trends stand to gain a competitive edge, unlocking new possibilities and efficiencies. As we navigate the future of IT, staying informed and adapting to these transformative technologies will be crucial for organizations and individuals alike. Learn about which of our IT services may suit your business’s needs the best. If you have any questions about our IT services, contact us today! Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our latest blogs!

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