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How to Recognize Phishing Attempts

How to Recognize Phishing Attempts


Phishing is a strategy that scammers use to gather personal information and attempt to insert malware into computers. Scammers commonly pose as a major company or an individual within a user’s company. Phishing can be harmful, but there are common signs to look out for to avoid theft of personal information. 


Phishing emails can impersonate major companies or individuals within an organization, but there will usually be obvious misspellings. These mistakes can range from improper grammar within the body of the email or a slight misspelling in the person’s email address. At first glance, it may look like a company email address, but be sure to double-check the address before responding to an email from someone unknown.


Additionally, phishing emails rely on users clicking links within the email to steal personal information. The links could be for invoice numbers, “suspicious login attempts,” or requesting confirmation of financial information. These are all prime ways to steal financial or login information. Be wary of links and only click them if it’s from a trustworthy sender.

No Personalization

Generally, if a company sends an email requesting confirmation of some kind, it will probably be personalized for the recipient. Scammers don’t know personal information unless it’s given to them so emails will generally have generic greetings without any identifying information. Real companies will not request financial or login information via email, as it is not secure.

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